Sonesta’s principal guidelines are qualityfunction and comfort. To ensure that our products deliver what we promise, we have asked some of our customers to share their experiences of using the Sonesta tables and chairs in their daily work

Testimonials from Doctors

  • My Sonesta power chair is the most adaptable exam chair on the market

Talking Sonesta chairs with Dr. Stephen Beverly

  • It's an absolute workhorse and it's hard for me to envision running my practice without it

Talking Sonesta chairs with Dr. Jonahtan Vapnek

Testimonials from End Users

  • Easier pointing for patients and physicians

Talking Sonesta chairs with Barb Brown, Nurse at Urocare Associates

  • The Cadillac of all chairs

Talking Sonesta chairs with Ariel Gabriel, Urodynamic Technician at Garden State Urology

  • Quality Urodynamics

Talking Sonesta chairs with Teresa, Urodynamics RN

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