Sonesta SST

Sonesta SST


SONESTA SST – Functionality of a tilt table with radiolucency of a radiology table

The Sonesta Standing Solutions Table is designed for optimal imaging and translucency for procedures where the patients needs to remain standing. The table has been developed together with University of Virginia to ensure that the design serves a functional purpose.

The table can be used in examinations of trauma and spine or neurosurgery patients that need to be x-rayed in a standing position. The product is unique in its kind and will greatly benefit both patients and staff at trauma centers. What makes this table unique is its ability to, in addition to the traditional range of movements, rotate the back/seat from lying down to sitting and can move the patient from supine to standing position (+90°). Together with the radiolucency friendly mattress this facilitates standing x-rays of injured patients in a safe and efficient way.

The SST is also mobile, with four lockable wheels for easy movement and adjustment of position, while the open design facilitates cleaning. The standard equipment includes adjustable foot plate, arm rests, safety strap, head strap. Other accessories will be available shortly to allow you to create your optimal product.

Sonesta SST flat formation


Sonesta SST Standing formation
Sonesta SST Standing formation

Deborah Baker

MSN, RN, ACNP, Dept of Surgery, Trauma, University of Virginia

Mark Golub

MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging, Director of Special Projects for the Associate Chief Medical Officer for Quality, General Radiology University of Virginia School of Medicine

Michelle Longley

MSN, RN, GNP University of Virginia Health System

Technical specification

CE-marked in accordance with guidelines in Medical Device Directive 93/42EEC

Length without extension:
156 cm/63”
Length with extension:
194-205 cm/78-81”
Width (total):
115 cm/45”
Height with seat cushion (min.):
51 cm/20”
Height with seat cushion (max.):
137 cm/54”
Patient weight (max):
250 kg/551 lbs
Wheel diameter:
12.5 cm/4”
Net weight:
Approx 224 kg/493 lbs


Power consumption:
max 5.8A (120V~) 3.0A (230V~)
Input voltage:
120 ~ 60 Hz 230V ~ 60/50 Hz
Output voltage:

Satisfies the requirements for EMC according to IEC 60601-1-2


Electric shock protection:
Typ B (Body)
Protection against foreign objects and water incursion:
Operating cycle (Intermittent):

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