About Sonesta

Sonesta manufactures and sells chairs for urology, gynecology and urodynamic diagnostics. We are a global company focusing on quality, function and comfort. Our chairs are developed in close collaboration with leading end-users to ensure maximum user-friendliness. The products are also designed for optimum positioning of the patient, to facilitate top-class function and comfort for users and patients alike.

We are global market leaders with an installed base of approximately 8,000 chairs. Although North America is Sonesta’s biggest market, you can find our partners and distributors in most parts of the world. We are recording fast growing sales globally.

We started selling chairs in the beginning of the 1990’s, when there was a major need for high-quality products focused on user friendliness. Today, Sonesta is the leading brand in the area of urodynamic diagnostics. Our experience in the field as well as our constant urge to meet the needs of end-users are part of the reason of our success, and definitely the reason why we, almost 30 years later, still can offer an optimal way of performing examinations in a time and cost efficient way.

Next Generation Sonesta

For many years, Sonesta has been recognized for its quality and user friendliness in examination and procedure chairs. Now we have taken the next step and launched our Next Generation Sonesta chairs!

Our goal was to develop the next generation Sonesta chairs, while at the same time maintain the “Sonesta” branded look and to enhance the feel with improved human interaction. We wanted to give the patient, the doctors and nurses an ergonomic pleasurable user experience. We are proud of our new models and we are certain that you will love them.

Since May 2016, the 6202 and the 6303 models are upgraded to the S2 and S3 chairs. These chairs are the most versatile on the market and they are the ultimate patient positioning chairs with infinite positioning.

ADDvise Group

Sonesta was acquired by the ADDvise Group AB (publ) in August 2013. ADDvise Group is a growth oriented group that, through the business areas Lab and Healthcare, offers complete solutions in the form of products and services for the healthcare sector and research facilities. Customers of the ADDvise Group are in the private and public sector. The company is listed on NASDAQ First North Premier. www.addvisegroup.com