<i>Sonesta is a supplier to</i><br>
contemporary healthcare providers<i>Sonesta products satisfy </i><br>MDD and FDA requirements and are CE-marked<i>Sonesta is a global</i><br>market leader<i>Sonesta positions your </i>
<br>patients optimally

Sonesta manufactures and sells tables and chairs for urology, gynecology, urodynamic diagnostics and upper GI procedures

Sonesta manufactures and sells procedure and examination tables and chairs used mainly by specialists in the urodynamics, urology and gynecology fields.

Our examination tables and chairs are the leading brand in the global market and are recognized for their high quality and function. We have a broad range of accessories to make your urology/gynecology/urodynamic tables and chairs customized after your requirements. The manufacturing is located in Sweden.


“Sonesta is a global market leader operating through a well-developed network of professional distributors and partners.”


Erland Pontusson,
General Manager Sonesta

Our guiding principles

  • Quality

    Our tables are manufactured in Sweden. Sonesta always guarantees that you get the highest technical quality.

  • Functionality

    Sonesta products can be customized with a wide range of accessories for optimum use and function.

  • Comfort

    Sonesta tables have been developed in partnership with world-leading end-users for the best comfort.


Watch our new videos of Sonesta 6210. You can find the videos here: http://www.sonestamedical.se/6210-2/Read more
We are happy to announce that that all information about the Next Generation Sonesta chairs is now available on our website. Please have a look at the website to see the new models. Read more

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